GRI requirement b for disclosure 102-56.B

If the report has been externally assured:

i. A reference to the external assurance report, statements, or opinions. If not included in the assurance report accompanying the sustainability report, a description of what has and what has not been assured and on what basis, including the assurance standards used, the level of assurance obtained, and any limitations of the assurance process; ii. The relationship between the organization and the assurance provider; iii. Whether and how the highest governance body or senior executives are involved in seeking external assurance for the organizations sustainability report.
Sinzer's impact standards have undergone certification through the GRI Certified Software and Tools Program.The means that GRI confirms that the content from the GRI Standards is being used accurately in this software or digital tool.Sinzer cannot guarantee that the use of the software or tool will result in producing a sustainablility report that can be classified as a GRI Standards report.The complete GRI Standards have to be considered in order to ensure that the report will qualify as a GRI Standards report.

Please note:The 'Governance' impact theme filter key in this software reflects Sinzer's definition of Governance.This definition is different from that of the GRI Standards as General Disclosures and Economic topics do not fall under Governance.For more information please consult the GRI Standards.